Employee Scheduling & Management

The fastest way to schedule Employee's today.

Solve employee's scheduling problems in a click, reduce turnover and replace absent employees without making a call.

It’s the easiest and friendliest way to schedule staff!

Employee Scheduling

Give your staff the ability to schedule shift preferences in an online roster, while following rules you have set and adjusting to your business environment.

Stop micro managing your staff's schedule once and for all.

Time and Attendance

Monitor your employee’s attendance, in a system that combines scheduling with time tracking and works from any Internet access point including your POS machine.

Know how much time your employees spend on all your business activities as they happen.

Employee Management

Communicate with your employees in an online portal that manages employee information, leave and events while connecting them to the business and reducing turnover.

Boost your employees' commitment by giving them a place that connects them to your business.

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Enigmai provides organizational solutions
Control employee leave & scheduling
Your employees choose when to work
Manage information & generate reports
The schedule is available via the web
Employees are available via messaging
Monitor attendance & performance
Free your time for management!
30-day free trial

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