Our Goal

We strive to bring more value to the WFM market

Better time usage

We love to automate processes, and we try to use that love to reduce constant manual routines that consume much time. This way, you can use that saved time to bring more value to your organization

Better adherence

Forecating the right amount of employees and adhering to rules and regulations is a delicate work since every deviation could mean a lot of money gone to waste. That's why we always look for ways to improve our processes

Better quality of service

We want to bring value to everyone from top executives to the last employee because we understand that quality of service depends on the good work they do

Our Approach

These are just some of the things that differentiate us

Love and Care

We prefer quality over quantity and we value our customers. That's why we invest more in customer satisfaction than in marketing. Each customer gets our full attention and caring, because we know that word-of-mouth is stronger than any marketing campaign

Direct Engagement

Never worry again about a 3rd party's professionalism. We do everything from the design to the implementation and support. There are no other system integrators and support teams. That's because we want to get to know our customers and understand their pain

Premium Support

Each customer is assigned with an account manager who serves as a focal point. Whether you need support or assistance, you can contact your account manager directly via phone, email or pigeon post


We integrate with other services you might have like Active Directory, Time and Attendance, ACD, and more to make sure you have all the information you need in realtime and that you don't waste time saving the same information on several systems


We understand that no two customers are the same. That's why we developed a process for changes and improvements. In this process we can accommodate our customers' needs to make sure that their expectations are met

Perpetual Updates

Never get stuck with an old system again. We release updates to our system with new features and improvements several times a year and all of our customers gets those updates with no additional cost

Our Solution

While everyone running shifts can benefit from a workforce management system, our system is most suitable for contact centers but nevertheless, invaluable for any big organization, since it can increase productivity while lowering operational costs.

Here are the most prominent characteristics of our leading solution


Predict the number of employees you'll need based on defined SLA and past information. Consider holidays and campaigns, day of month and day of week


Fill the roster with a click of a button or do it manually. Engage your employees by letting them choose their preferences, ask for days off and exchange shifts

Shift Breaks

Define your shift break rules and let your employees choose their shift breaks and exchange them. Let your managers approve and manage the shift breaks in real time


See who is absent, late or is not doing what he should in real time


Choose from more than two dozens of reports to see how you did and what should be fixed. There is no time limit, so you can always access your information

Web Based

Whether you want it on our cloud or on your servers, the entire system works from any browser so you don't have to install anything

Real Time

Information in the system updates for everyone, automatically, in real time, so you can be sure that you get the right decisions


Designed to support any localization, this system can be easily ported to any language you want

Open Stack

Built to support any data-base, you don't have to worry about introducing other infrastructures to your organization. The data-base is yours and you can do whatever you like with it. We also provide APIs to our system to make sure you have easy access to your information

Low Footprint

The system uses only a small amount of resources so you don't need to allocate much of your valuable resources to it

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